Monday Motivation: 12 Photos To Remind You How Beautiful Cuba Is

With the hurricane season causing devastation in so many highly publicised Caribbean islands, Cuba seems to have been almost forgotten. Since we recently visited Cuba and absolutely loved it, here are 12 photos that show how beautiful the island time forgot really is. 

Cuba is a country full of colour, life and happy people despite what “outsiders” may think of their government and its policies. Whilst Cuba has remained in it’s own world for quite some time we could start to see it being Westernised with some branded fizzy drinks available, more accessible wifi (although it is still pretty challenging) and some modern cars.

I urge you to visit before it changes too much – embrace the differences, the old cars, the dilapidated buildings. Embrace the warmness of your casa host, the home cooked food and cheap mojitos. Embrace that you’ll get a lot of shrugs and “it’s complicated” if you ask about their politics or who the next president might be.

The people are wonderful, the food is delicious and the country is stunning. Politics in every country is ugly and here it is no different.


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