Jamie’s Fifteen, Cornwall

Jamie Oliver’s restaurants have had varying levels of success over the years with Jamie’s Fifteen going from four down to two, leaving Cornwall and London as the last two. Well, I’m glad that they are still running for two reasons. One, the food is unassuming and delicious. Two, he continues to provide disadvantaged children from the area with hope. 

I have to admit I was wondering how good the service would be but it was excellent with a friendly approachable feel. The a la carte menu is small but varied and seeing as we are on a backpacking budget we opted for a main each plus some sides. I had the monkfish with pine nuts and kale, Stephen had the potato gnocchi genovese. My monkfish was meaty and cooked to perfection with the kale providing some delicious bitter saltiness to compliment the fish. Stephens gnocchi was smooth and pillowy with a perfectly balanced green sauce with beans to compliment.

We also had three sides; chard caponata (not my favourite but nice enough), baby potatoes in lemon and mint (tasty morsels of deliciousness) and beans with mushed peas. The green and white beans were amazing. I love beans but these were cooked al dente and then fried to give just a slight crispness. The peas were mashed with mint and flavoured perfectly with flaked sea salt.

I had their house white wine which at 6gbp a glass was very good value.
Overall a great meal and would go back again to do the tasting menu.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the amazing beach view of surfers and dog walkers (when it’s not too foggy and wet to see anything)!


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