Trius Winery, Niagara on the Lake

I was very excited to firstly, be at a winery and secondly, be having lunch there. This really is a luxury whilst we are travelling and only something we are allowing ourselves once every few months.

Warm soft french bread with a perfectly crisp crust was served to start, which was complimented with a very slightly infused red wine butter. A good start but the dish that really stood out to me was the share plate of Fresh Ontario Cow’s Milk Burrata Cheese.

I’ve never had burrata served chopped up and when I first saw it I was a bit taken aback but oh boy were we in for a treat. Atop the creamy burrata sat a beautiful tomato and chilli jam, crisp thins of prosciutto and fresh organic watercress. Served with focaccia toast, I wiped the bowl clean. The jam cuts through the burrata without overpowering it and the crisp prosciutto adds the perfect saltiness crunch that is needed. The watercress I probably could have done without but we all know a good dose of greens is always a nice compliment to finish off a dish. I just wish we hadn’t chosen to share it!

Luckily we did though because then I got to enjoy a full plate of their Heritage Mennonite Chicken. I’m not sure what Mennonite’s do to their chicken but it was so soft and moist it almost melted in my mouth. The chicken sat upon a bed of mashed potato mixed with smoked ham hock and was complimented with firm asparagus and crisp chips. Atop the chicken was a fresh apple and bacon dressing finished with a perfectly cooked egg. Everything was a perfect marriage and each item was cooked flawlessly.

Stephen had the Little Piggy Flat Bread which consisted of pulled pork, chorizo, bacon, mozzarella, ice wine jam, pickled chilli and peanuts. His was also very tasty but in comparison to my dish and our shared dish it seemed good but fairly basic.

Would we go back? Definitely! I would love to try more of their dishes, including their desserts… if we find ourselves in the Niagara region again.

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