Otto’s, Sydney

Otto's, Sydney

Stephen was kindly given a Red Balloon voucher as part of his leaving gift and he decided to use it by taking us both to Otto’s at Wollomooloo for dinner. I had quite high expectations as Otto’s is somewhat of an institution in Sydney. Overall I was slightly disappointed although the dishes were mainly good.

Perhaps it was because we were dining using a voucher that we didn’t get the same level of service but I felt everything lacked the professionalism and passion that I expect from such a place. There wasn’t a dedicated sommelier (or if there was, they didn’t serve us), the wait staff were polite but disinterested. It seems such a shame because the menu itself was quite delicious.

The beetroot ravioli, a single piece burst with goats cheese, the Angus beef carpaccio was perfectly sliced and garnished, the scallops with orange, fennel and salmon roe was fresh and summery, the saffron infused pasta with Moreton Bay bugs was al dente, the Rangers Valley wagyu MB5+ chuck tail was slightly overdone but still delicious and the selection of miniature desserts was the perfect finale.

I would add that I do think this is quite pricey compared to other degustations we have had in Sydney that have been much better. I just wish they would make everything else as good as the food.

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