Sixpenny, Sydney

Sixpenny, Sydney, Australia

The photos from Sixpenny do not do it justice – the lighting wasn’t great but the atmosphere was lovely. You have the feeling of being in someones home… because you are. If you didn’t know Sixpenny was here, you would walk straight past it not even paying attention to it, looking exactly like all the other houses on the street. The biggest decor attraction was their large wine wall however this was about it.

However, we were there for the food which was fantastic. The wine pairings, whilst slightly sweet for my liking, matched the food nicely and it was nice to try something different.

The venison tartare was out of this world (I think I could eat that every day) and the frozen raspberry segments in our pre-dessert were almost like little sherbet presents.

The wait staff were attentive without being intrusive and the chefs served some of the dishes which was a nice touch.

We all enjoyed every single dish and I would definitely go back to try another seasonal tasting menu… go for the large one, it’s worth it!

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